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In 10 steps to your individually programmed Python part

    1. First, a comprehensive “on-site” analysis is carried out to identify potential for improvement in the workflow.
    2. The possible areas of application for the efficient use of individual Python parts will be developed together.
    3. Clear objectives for the use of PythonParts are defined to ensure that all requirements are met.
    4. The workflow and functionality of the PythonParts are determined in coordination.
    5. Necessary parameters for creating the Python Parts are determined, and data entry via Excel is also possible.
    6. The input masks are designed according to your ideas and wishes.
    7. The PythonPart is then developed, which includes aspects such as geometry, reinforcement and built-in parts.
    8. The reinforcement planning is adapted to your factory standards.
    9. Individual attribution is possible.
    10. The Python part can then be saved as a 3D model including engineering reinforcement.

Jörg Selbmann is at your side to maximize the performance of your CAD system through individually programmed Python parts.